I am an applied microeconomist specializing in industrial relations, regional economic development, construction IO, and economic history.  I am particularly interested in labor market institutions, with my current research focused on unions and how deunionization in the US has affected local labor markets.

I use a combination of microeconomic theory and empirical methods to answer questions such as: why do strikes occur, and what contributed to the decline of U.S. labor unions.  My research has been published in the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, the Revue D'Economie Politique, Labor Studies Journal, and the Industrial and Labor Relations Review.

Recently, I've developed a pipeline on Construction Economics, thinking about incentive problems in the industry and how to promote circularity for the built environment.  See my newest paper "A Game Theory Perspective on Delivery Methods in Construction" published in the Lean Construction Journal.

I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at Colorado State University.

Curriculum Vitae

Department of Economics
Colorado State University
C320 Andrew G. Clark Building
Fort Collins, CO 80523

Email: zachary.schaller@colostate.edu